Improve business efficiency and promote Company Image

Our cloud-based POS system supports various kinds of cash and online payments, with different built-in payment models for service plans, packages, coupons, discounts and reward redemption to suit your special operation needs.  User-friendly interface for fast and easy daily operations on all turnover, commission and payroll calculations and settlements. 

Our POS system with built-in CRM, is seamlessly connected with customers database and supports various membership and loyalty programs.  All customers’ spending and activity details are updated instantly in customers’ accounts.  Customers can have instant update on their spending, package balance, coupons and reward status, improve overall customers experience and loyalty.   

CRM with Spending records, Membership and Loyalty System

All POS records and customers data are kept in central database.  You can now create your own membership system and provide different kinds of customers rebates and rewards.  Stylists and beauticians can also look up customers’ record easily and provide more attentive services according to their preferences. 

Commission and Payroll at a glance

All sales receipts do not just clearly record all responsible personnel for products, service and packages  sales,  but also the responsible stylists and beauticians for each hair and beauty service provided for each customer.  Our POS system is built-in with  various kind of commission and payroll calculation methods to suit your business needs.  All employees’ performance, payroll and commissions are illustrated clearly.  Our POS system is a super time saver and great business partner for all salon owners.

Automatic real-time Settlement

All sales records and transactions are updated instantly to  centralized database.  Salon owners no longer have to stay up after closing every night to calculate daily income, payroll and commission payout.  With our cloud-based and user-friendly admin interface POS system, you can easily review turnover, generate various report and analysis anytime and anywhere you want.  With all time saved from daily rituals, you can allocate more time on marketing and promotional strategies.

Membership Mobile apps

Members can download your own mobile apps from iOS appstore or Google Playstore.  With the mobile apps, members can make advance bookings and appointments for various salon services.  They can also check on their spending, packages and coupons records at anytime they want.  Salons can also push and send out the latest promotions and announcements via the mobile apps, help to keep close contact with members and improve customers experience and promote salon image.

Electronic Receipts

With our POS system, all sales receipts and transactions are stored as electronic records.  You can say goodbye to all handwritten sales slips and avoid loss and human calculation errors.  Your customers can now have clear records for all their spending on products and services.

Our online POS system allows salon owners to create their own services packages, discount coupons and spending rebates.  All discounts and coupons are recorded online and will be deducted automatically upon checkout, clear and simple!